Thursday, 9 June 2011

Yemi stuff

Various meetings were made to discuss ideas for the Leap of Faith Cards
The cards are used as a tool to promote Leap of Faith and a resource of valuable information to assist with the understanding of the bible and story of Leap of Faith. The relevance of Leap of Faith and the gospel.
These cards can be turned into posters, bookmark cards etc.

06/05/11 - Meeting with Yemi
• To design a leaflet/cards to be inserted in a beautiful envelope inside the illustrated story book.
• Market research leaflets used in churches and what will attract the audience of today.
• For christians and non christians.
• Basic questions to be included in the promotion cards/leaflets
• Colour and intersting typeface.
• key scripture verses
•brainstorming ideas for cards. Snakes and Ladders appeal as one ventures on their path of christianity
• sinners prayer to be included.
• Question people what they want to know about Chrstianity. Market Research
• Action plan of producing cards.
Printing processes

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