Monday, 16 May 2011

illustrated story book

The Book

Leap of faith is a story of a librarian that has given her life to God She studies the teaching of the bible. This life long commitment to study the word has turned dry and she has become complacent. The routine has become a religious ritual rather then a refreshing daily spiritual walk led by God. She feels God no longer speaks to her. A twist of faith and supernatural powers intercede in her moment of darkness. This is a revelation of spiritual forces active within the natural.

Below is examples of the book. This is not yet published. I have shown examples for the needs of this business venture as the book will not be printed in time to meet the deadline.

Designing book for Leap of Faith. Illustrated.

This book is illustrated with story and meaning.
  • Character profiles
  • Story
  • Illustrations
  • CD containing a two and half minute short 3D animation
  • Helpful reference cards with bible verses of encouragement etc

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