Saturday, 23 April 2011


Welcome to my blog.

In this blog I will be designing and producing actual products by researching methods of promoting Leap of Faith Animation for Christian marketing by producing a book, leaflets and other promotional products as listed below. This enterprise is relative to my discipline and interest.

The original concept for Leap of Faith is a faith based animation. I wanted to create an animation that had spiritual substance in assisting others to have a personal relationship with God. This is used more for spiritual growth for christians that feel they have fallen out or God is not reachable. Proceeds would go towards a non-profit organisation rather then commercial gain to maximise awareness. Profitability will be deducted by outreach centres churches etc.

What will I be producing?
  1. A picture book containing the spiritual journey of a Librarian that has a leap of Faith
  2. A leaflet that will promote and explain the meaning of leap of faith and used with biblical references.
  3. CD that contains the animation
  4. Promotional character cards contained in the book with important bible quotes. Explaining. Mapping for christian journey...baptism....tick box for memorising verses...testomony...key experiences on journey....
  5. cards and gift cards
All of the above will be marketed in a beautiful prommotional box.

I will be researching what churches and other christian organisations use as promotional tools to establish market trends and establish any potential in the market. I will write to them for promoting the above. This will bring in revenue by marketing the material for a set amount.

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